Work in Progress specializes in the international training of teachers and teacher-trainers in active pedagogies, collaborative learning methods and effective use of ICT tools.

Work in Progress is a gateway to the best Finnish teaching and learning expertise, active pedagogies and design of collaborative learning spaces. Our team and our partners have significant experience of international and Finnish education development projects and teacher training.

Our training team has expertise in key subject areas:

Natural Sciences
Languages and Communication

  • We are all active or former teachers. The teacher-to-teacher connection transforms the cross-cultural training experience.

  • We partner with international education providers, and have worked in EU and development bank projects. We are experienced participants in multi-stakeholder international teams. 

  • We also have a partnership agreement with renowned architects who are specialised in collaborative learning environments.


We also offer English language exam preparation (general and academic English).

We have delivered training in South Korea, Kosovo, Tunisia, Russia, Sri Lanka and Finland


The team

Mia Skog  
Natural Sciences

Master of natural science University of Åbo Akademi, 2001
Teacher in natural science in a primary school; biology, chemistry and geography in Höjdens skola in Raseborg. Director of the Energy laboratory, a local science center in Raseborg since 2013. Teacher trainer in Finland; "How to use ICT in natural science" and "Use coding as a tool for teachers in natural science". International teacher training experience from Kosovo. Awards: Natural Science Teacher of the year 2014  and LUMA-award 2015


Marjo Kekki
Foreign languages, ICT in language learning, immersion

Teacher since 1994, currently a foreign language teacher at Kasavuori secondary school. Marjo teaches Swedish and English and uses immersion with some classes. Participated in writing the local curriculum. Many of the goals in the new Finnish national curriculum are already in use in the school. Experienced user of many web tools and digital materials in teaching and learning. Using ICT tools has resulted in notable improvement in student motivation. Continued interest is putting the focus on the student and finding materials that are meaningful for the learner. Awards: Language teacher of the year 2015.

Hannu Tuominen
Mathematics and Sciences, ICT tools

A recently retired teacher and teacher trainer in Mathematics and Science subjects. Specialized in student-centred working methods, student assessment and use of modern ICT environment. Teacher trainer at University of Helsinki 1986-1992 pioneering training of ICT teachers. Alongside with his career as a secondary school teacher and school principal, Hannu has participated education projects in Sri Lanka, UAE, Russia and Kosovo. At present, Hannu is working as a preparative class teacher for young immigrant students in the City of Espoo, Finland.


Sirkku Nikamaa-Linder
Active pedagogies, foreign languages, ICT in language learning

M.Pol. Science, Åbo Akademi, Finland. CELTA Cambridge ESOL, UK. French Advanced knowledge, GLTT, Belgium. Language teaching experience from top, innovative, forward thinking secondary schools; Sököviken and Kasavuori. Sirkku has also worked for ed. tech. Companies and held workshops and lectures in South Korea, UK, Kosovo and Tunisia. She is passionate about improving the learning experience and learning outcomes through inquiry-based, student centered and collaborative learning approaches and free or low cost ICT tools and web based resources. 

Architects Rudanko - Kankkunen

Our expert partner in designing and building collaborative, modern learning spaces is http://rudanko-kankkunen.com/en/. 


The Work in Progress educator network consists of experienced, award-winning Finnish teachers who have experience in teacher training and they all specialize in the latest, evidence-based student-centered, active methods and use of ICT in teaching and learning.