WIP training will give the participants the tools to replace the Stand-and-Deliver models and mass instruction with an engaging and relevant approach to learning that is fit for the 21st century. The workshops are delivered using our student centric methods, which the participants will adapt and then implement in their own schools. They are designed to give the participants theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience and an opportunity to design student-centered lesson plans that are ready to be implemented.



Expected outcomes:

  • Motivate and engage learners.

  • Learn new methods and create more interactive, engaging lessons.

  • Use ICT tools to create effective learning communities to collaborate and to create, store and share learning materials.

  • Create assessment tools for formative assessment, peer assessment, self- assessment and assessment of project work.

  • Collect and give constructive feedback
    Engage with parents and the learning community effectively in a positive way.

  • Use the Flipped Classroom method and spend valuable classroom time for communicative and collaborative work.

The workshop participants will be able to re-think and ready to re-design their teaching practice. Equipped with new skills and knowledge teachers can re-examine the roles of the teacher and the student and they can implement what they have learned. The participants will have time to adapt the tools, resources and methods to their curriculum, their own schools, students and the curriculum.

Our target

We aim for a positive and lasting change in teaching and learning practice, that is why the training focuses on implementation in schools. The emphasis is on acquisition of practical skills and finding ways to adapt the tools and methods for the participants’ own schools. Every workshop has a clear, practical outcome.

The participants will develop an action plan or lesson plans that are shared with others and ready to be implemented in schools and classrooms. The participants have time to discuss possible obstacles and they will look for appropriate solutions in collaboration with others. They will also have time to practice the use of the new tools and methods. 

The participants will build collaborative networks to share their plans and their ideas with other participants.

Workshop topics

A tailored offer typically includes topics like: 

  • Student-centricity in theory and practice
  • Motivation and engagement
  • Using free web-based resources and tools (tailored to benefit also teachers/schools with sporadic access to the Internet)
  • Student-centric teaching and learning methods (collaborative learning, task-based and project-based learning, Flipped classroom method etc.)
  • Personalized learning
  • Creating learner centered lesson plans
  • Cooperation with stakeholders
  • Developing students’ communication skills
  • Developing productive and receptive skills (writing, speaking, reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc.)
  • Assessment (especially formative assessment, assessing group/team work, peer assessment, self assessment, teacher assessment)

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