The key to improving educational outcomes, and increased educational productivity, is to improve the quality of teachers. It is not just a question of improving the worst performing schools – there are far more low achieving students collectively in the system than in poor performing schools.


To assure continued improvement in learning outcomes, the most cost-effective place to put in resources is teacher training. The student-centered approach, the learning skills and fostering responsibility for own learning are transferable to all subjects.

Work in Progress can develop bespoke teacher training in collaboration with local educational authorities and other stakeholders. The workshops are mainly intended for teachers in basic education and upper secondary schools. We have also worked with teachers in tertiary- and in vocational education.

Work in Progress offers teacher training in active pedagogies. Our specialty is collaborative and communicative language learning and use of ICT tools that support learning. We deliver training based on the latest international evidence-based teaching and learning theories and best practice.