Work in Progress is currently partnering with other Finnish and Austrian companies and educational entities in delivering two international projects aiming for system level change in education. 


An EU funded Twinning project to support the implementation of Kosovo Education Strategic Plan 2011 - 2016. Work in Progress has been a part of the process from the start: 

  • Needs analysis and diagnostic of the 130 pilot schools.
  • Training of the ministry officials and local trainers.
  • Design of the teacher training units for the curriculum area of Languages and Communication
  • Delivery of training in pilot schools in all 7 regions in Kosovo.
  • Scripting and filming pedagogical videos for the Twinning Kosovo website


The project in Tunisia is funded by the African Development Bank. The key aim is to develop skills and competencies of the students to successfully integrate in the labor market or to run their own business. In Tunisia we work with teachers and teacher trainers appointed by two ministries:

  • Le Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche Scientifique (higher education and research)
  • Le Ministère de la Formation Professionnelle et de l'Emploi (vocational education and employment)

The project aims to improve the entrepreneurship education and to increase use of active, competency building pedagogies in higher- and vocational education in Tunisia.

"La mise en œuvre d'un dispositif de formation en entrepreneuriat et an pédagogie active au profit des universités et centres de formation professionnelle en Tunisie."

Key deliverables: 

  • Diagnostic of actual needs consonant with national and regional programmes.
  • Work plan and design of training units.
  • Delivery of training in Tunisia and via video conferences, including online facilitation.